DCC Days Online!

Partial Map of the adventure I ran for DCC Days Online

June 14th 2020 was officially my online debut as a game judge, and the first time I ever ran a game for a convention. DCC Days Online was four days of Dungeon Crawl Classics, Mutant Crawl Classics, XCrawl, Metamorphosis Alpha, and other great games. DCC Days Online ran in conjunction with DCC Day which happened on June 13th, where tabletop events were played in Friendly Neighbors Games Stores around the world. Since the state I live in is still under lock down due to the COVID-19 pandemic, destiny sent me into the phlogiston!

I’m very glad to have participated. My first online game was as a player in the Shudder Mountain sandbox, presided by Goodman Games writer Michael Curtis himself. I won’t give any spoilers as the adventure we played was never published, but it was a real treat. Michael is a master game judge and the players were on point.

Second was a seminar on publishing third-party material for Goodman Games. A lot of game designers, third party publishers, and industry talent giving lots of great advice on getting your creations out into the public. If I kept better notes like somebody told me to do, I would have everyone’s names. Alas, I kept crap notes. It was a great experience and I’m looking forward to Goodman Games hosting similar events.

Countess Mekula! Did I mention I’m not a super awesome artist?

Lastly was my game, The Bloody Wrath of Countess Mekula. This is a funnel adventure in which a long thought dead vampire comes back from the grave to reap revenge upon the mortal world. An old school dungeon with deadly monsters, traps, puzzles, and a beat the clock plot (party has find and destroy Countess Mekula before the setting sun). I was absurdly nervous at first, but the group of players I had were excellent. One player was from the UK and stuck around for the entire game (The game started 8PM EST which would be 1AM UK time)! The party’s use of the holy items provided was clever and resourceful. They defeated the vampire right in the nick of time, which is impressive because I didn’t make it easy.

I had a blast, so thank you Goodman Games for hosting a great event and a big shout out to Matt, Steven, Hank, and David for being great people and players. I look forward to further adventures with you all.

What is this?

Hello! My name is Lou LaLonde and I’m into tabletop roleplaying games. Specifically Dungeon Crawl Classics, Mutant Crawl Classics, and Xcrawl. I’ve been playing DCC regularly for three years now, although I have been playing RPG’s in various forms since 1982 (I have a very vivid memory of pouring over the Fiend Folio with the Eurythmics playing on Casey Kasem’s American Top 40).

That’s me. With my vacation hat. Don’t judge the Judge.

I have always enjoyed creating things, and I want to share them with people. So I’m embarking on this half crazy idea of becoming a third party publisher, and this blog will act as my journal through the process. Writing does not come to me naturally, so I have to practice at it and having this blog will force me to write (or not, we shall see). I will also write about the adventures of my ongoing campaign Postcards from Ragora (it’s crazy, but I want to talk about that another time), some of the tricks I’ve learned making home-brewed adventures, and share with you some of the monsters my children created which I use to crush my friend’s characters with (apparently my children are diabolical). Most importantly, I’m looking for kindred spirits out there to collaborate and create with. I’m curious to see where this journey takes me.

Well, enough of introductions! Thanks for your time, see you soon (that sounds weird, I’ll work on that later).